As with any software, issues occur. Should you ever need to report n issue to us, this article has a few tips on how you can help us help you most effectively.

How to Contact Us?

  • You can submit your tickets via email by sending directly to All emails to this address are automatically converted into support tickets.
  • You can chat with us during CEST Businnes hours using the chat widget on In case there would be no reponse your question is also automatically converted into a support ticket. 

What info do we need?

When submitting issues please be as complete and detailed as possible. It helps to supply:

  • The steps needed to reproduce the problem
  • The url of the page where you are having the issue
  • A screenshot (or multiple screenshots)
  • Context about what you were doing, where you are in the software etc.

We try to resolve all support tickets as quickly and possible.