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Generic Suppliers API - Intro


Apicbase provides a way to connect suppliers via API. More specifically there is a way for suppliers to post assortment files (json) to our API. Apicbase will then synchronize this data with the customer's library/outlets.

After you completed the product catalogue/assortment part, you can start automating orders towards your system (see here for more info).


In order to be approved as a supplier-integration-user please provide the following info to supplier_support@apicbase.com: 

  1. Generic info on your company (website, amount of employees, how many customers you are serving, Which countries/regions are you active in, etc.)
  2. Which mutual customers are involved in the integration?
  3. Which mutual customer will be using the integration as a first test customer in béta phase?
  4. Technical contact (who can we contact in case of issues?)
  5. Technical contact phone number
  6. The main functional, operational & commercial contacts (email is ok)

Also, please refer to our Quality check article to get a grasp what we require suppliers to send: Generic Suppliers API - Quality check.


After you are approved as a supplier-integration-user, please follow the next steps: