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Generic Suppliers API - Authentication

Discover how to authenticate in our API as a third party supplier

In order to consume our API, you will make use of the Client Credentials Flow. Basically, you'll need a client_id & client_secret in order to start the authentication process. If the first step went well you should have received these client credentials. If not, please reach out to supplier_support@apicbase.com.

Follow the next steps in order to get your full authentication details.

1. Send a POST request to /oauth/token/

In order to get your access token to authenticate, post the request below to the https://apicbase.com/oauth/token/ URL. 

  • grant_type: should be "client_credentials"
  • client_id: provided via integrations@apicbase.com
  • client_secret: provided via integrations@apicbase.com
  • scope: "supplier"
"grant_type": "client_credentials",
  "client_id": <your unique client_id>,
  "client_secret": <your unique client_secret>,
  "scope": "supplier",

Response example:

"access_token": "zq58XNU8AxzSPkg75s3KdtBNbdycPr",
"expires_in": 604800, # one week
"token_type": "Bearer",
"scope": "supplier",


*If the access token ever expires, you can simply request a new one by reposting your client credentials. 

2. Done! Start consuming our API


All set! Now you can use the access token and pass it as a header parameter in your requests.


Get started with building with following docs/endpoints: