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Generic Supplier API - Quality check

How will the Quality check work between Apicbase & Suppliers?

In order to deploy the supplier integration to production Apicbase will have a quality check with the supplier. In this call we typically check the following things:


  • Name
  • Article number
  • unit_name populated with weight based (g, kg, etc.) and volume based (ml, l, etc.) unit of measures. If none of these can be provided there can be a fallback to piece but this should be the exception. So most items should have a weight or volume based unit of measure.
  • Also packages that have a nested structure (e.g. 6 x 33 cl or 10 x 100g) should be sent in this structure. The multiplier (‘6’ and ’10’ in this example) together with the unit_name are one of the most important datapoints in sending assortment data to Apicbase).
  • Price (+ price_type_code)

Are the following fields populated:

  • Brand
  • Package_type
  • Gtin (+ how many are valid)