Explaining the Different Permission Levels in User Management

In Apicbase you can manage the different persmissions for every user in detail. This article shows you the different meanings of the different permissions.

There are two types of users: Library users and Outlet users. If you want to read up on adding new users, read the following article.

This article informs you of the library user permissions. Library users are users that manage your Apicbase library, they can create recipes, add ingredients, change settings, add users...

If you want to learn more on Outlet user permissions. Check out this article.


If you want to edit User Permissions. Go to the settings wheel and click on "Library Users"

Apicbase Permisison levels 1

Select the Pencil "Edit" button next to the users you want to change the permission levels of.

Apicbase Permission Levels 2

Just check the boxes for the necessary permissions and click on save.

They are all explained below:

  • Admin
    If this box is checked, the user can add and remove users to the library. A user with admin status cannot change this permission for himself. However, he can be revoked admin status by another admin user. They can also delete and change the date of inventory events.
  • View
    Every user that has been added to the library has view rights. This is the basic right allowing you to see the contents of the full library.
  • Edit
    If this box is checked, a user can edit all items in the library. He cannot necessarily delete items. This is controlled specifically under the 'Delete' permission.
  • Share
    This permission allows the user to share recipes and photos on the public page in Apicbase.
  • Delete
    If this box is checked, this user can delete any item from the library. This should only be turned on when the user is trusted with the data in the library.
  • (Image) Upload 
    If this box is checked, and if your library has the upload module turned on, this user can upload (personal) pictures into the library. They become part of the general library of your company.
  • (Food) Cost
    If this box is checked, and if your library has general food cost module turned on, this user can see all pricing of ingredients, gross profit margins and complete food cost calculation of items (like recipes, dishes and menus) in the database. 
  • (Ingredient) Verification
    If this box is checked, the user can verify allergens on an ingredient, recipe and menu level. By assigning users to ingredient verification, you can double check that no allergens are forgotten in your database.