Everything you need to know about the integration between Sligro (Netherlands) and Apicbase

To guarantee automation, transparency and user-friendliness, Apicbase has set up an integration with Sligro Netherlands.

This includes a deep integration, allowing your specific customer product assortments to be loaded and synchronized daily in your Apicbase library (1.1). In addition, from the "Apicbase Ordering Module" you can send orders directly to the systems of Sligro Netherlands without manual intermediate steps. (1.2). 

1. Details integration

In the overview below you will find all the details of the integration between Sligro Netherlands and Apicbase. 

1.1 Product assortment

Product assortment

The product assortment is always customer-specific and contains only the products you order or wish to order from Sligro NL.

The product range is always linked to the Sligro NL customer number.

Content assortment

All products ordered and invoiced in the past 90 days are included in the data transfer to Apicbase.

❗Apicbase shows all the information it receives from your supplier. It's not possible to change the content and details of integrated products in your assortment in Apicbase, so note that you can't edit the types of packages, names, fields, etc. Make sure to doublecheck with your supplier if they can transfer all the information you need to Apicbase before requesting an integration. 

Nightly sync The product assortment and prices are updated every night in Apicbase.
Adding new products Products that have not been ordered before can only be added by contacting the account manager at Sligro NL with the request to update the assortment. After the update, the next day, after nightly sync, the adjusted assortment will be loaded into Apicbase.
Allergen transfer Currently, Apicbase does not support allergen data in the data transfer between Sligro NL and Apicbase.

1.2 Ordering

Integrated ordering

From the "Apicbase Ordering Module", you can order Sligro NL products (from the integrated customer product assortment, 1.1) without a manual intermediate step. The order is automatically placed in the Sligro NL systems. 

Please note: Sligro NL deliveries are always subject to customer-specific order agreements and -restrictions.

Out-of-stock products Make sure to discuss the work method with your account manager when it comes to ordering out-of-stock products in Apicbase at Sligro. 

Please note: always check with your account manager about the specific order agreements you have made. You can set order restrictions in Apicbase to avoid misunderstandings. You can read here how to do that.

2. Setting up your integration

To set up the integration, in this article you can read about the necessary steps you need to take in your Apicbase library to set up the integration.