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Add nutritional information automatically to your ingredients

With customers becoming more aware of what they eat, the upcoming importance of nutritional values is something we cannot ignore. From now on, you can select your ingredient in your country’s nutritional database and the nutritional values will be automatically added to the ingredient, in every recipe that you’ve used that ingredient in.

  • Log in to your library and go to library settings.

  • Tick off the ingredient providers you’d like to use. We now have 3 databases you can choose from, but we will add more countries in the near future:
    • USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture Food Composition Database),
    • COFIDIS (Official Food Composition Database of the United Kingdom) or
    • NEVO (Official Food Composition Database of the Netherlands)

  • Then go to your ingredients and choose an ingredient you’d like to know the nutritional values of. We take maple syrup as an example.

  • You can either click on the ingredient to get more details or stay in the full ingredient list. You will see the “look up” feature in the top toolbar or at the right of your screen respectively. 

    “Look up” feature in the top toolbar when you’re in the detailed information of your ingredient.

    “Look up” feature at the right of your screen when you’re in the full list of ingredients.

  • Either way, a screen will pop up. Here you will be able to choose from the food composition databases you activated in the library settings.
  •  Specify your ingredient from the list.

  • Select the data you would like to import to the ingredient details. If you entered nutritional info manually, you will get an overview of interfering information or if missing information was found.